Medical translation services
From English to French

« We are pro re nata, a duo of medical translation specialists »
Sophie Dinh and Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto

pro re nata offers 2-in-1 medical translation services for the healthcare sector.
We’ve been translating medical documents for clients like you for more than 20 years. We work from English to French or in any other language through our extensive network of medical translation specialists as well as subject-matter experts in medicine, biology, and pharmacology.

Medical translation services that tick every box

New drug or medical device? Health information for patients or healthcare professionals? Training materials? Research?
If you’ve got something along those lines, then we’ve got the medical translation services for you.

Clinical studies

Need to translate a study protocol or research results so that you can share them with an international audience?

Medical marketing

Looking to expand the reach of your medical marketing campaigns and speak to your target in their language?

Digital health

Want to make your digital health applications and platforms accessible to non-English speakers with a specialist translation?

Medical devices

In need of translations of user manuals, technical datasheets, or medical device labels that adhere to current regulations in your industry?


Reckon an accurate translation of your medication guides and regulatory submissions is crucial for your business?

Through our expertise, professionalism, and experience, we are uniquely placed to help you reach your goals.

A duo of specialists with a single focus-quality

We are only too aware of the risks of making a mistake in a medical translation. That is why we have combined our experience and expertise to deliver clear, accurate translations that comply with regulations in your industry.

Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto

Sophie Dinh

Double the experience, double the expertise for cutting-edge translations

With our complementary skills, in-depth knowledge of healthcare advances, and constant learning, you are guaranteed a medical translation that:
● Uses the right terms
● Meets the highest quality standards
● Gives you absolute peace of mind

Additional quality checks for your peace of mind

By working together, we revise our translation of your document not just once,
but twice. This revision process adheres to the translation standard ISO 17100, ensuring that our medical translation services meet your linguistic and regulatory requirements as well as terminological accuracy.

A duo of translators who specialize in your medical field

Your specialty advances, evolves, and innovates, and this has a knock-on effect on its terminology. So who better to translate your documents than two experts who always stay abreast of their areas of specialization?


Need to raise the awareness of your treatment against inflammatory diseases among healthcare professionals? We can translate your documentation into French or any other language.


We specialize in both translation and cardiology, so we can help you flawlessly communicate in French or other languages.


Looking to market your innovative orthopedic devices in other countries? We can clearly and accurately translate your user manual.


Have a new treatment that you would like to communicate to French-speaking healthcare professionals? We can help you with accurate, tailored translations.


Fancy using our clear, easy-to-read translations to teach patients with diabetes how to manage their chronic disease?

Three secrets behind the quality of our medical translations

Our quality process is founded on three principles :

Second revision

As stipulated in ISO 17100, each of our translations is revised twice. This gives you absolute assurance of optimal quality.

Constant training and learning

We take CPD courses and keep a constant eye on the latest medical advances to make sure that our translations speak your language and that of the medicine of today.

Professional affiliations

We are members of a range of specialized professional organizations. Rest assured that our expertise is recognized and backed up by sound professional ethics.