Healthcare translation services with you in mind

Our healthcare translation services exist for one reason only – to convey your ideas, your message, your innovation.
How do we do it?
Through direct communication and careful listening. This helps us :
● get to know your organization, your product, your medical field
● understand what you need and why you need it

Healthcare translations for the following medical specialties


Our expertise in rheumatology ensures you an accurate translation of your document, whether a research study, training material, or fact sheet about rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis. Depend on our translation service when communicating with your partners and patients.


In oncology, our translations highlight the latest advances in chemotherapy and immunotherapy to facilitate accurate, up-to-date communication that enhances research and patient care across languages.


When we translate texts about treating and managing diabetes, we strike a balance between simple explanations for patients and scientific accuracy for healthcare professionals. We know blood glucose monitoring and insulin therapy like the back of our hand.


We carefully translate the latest advances in orthopedics, whether that’s arthroscopy or a hip or knee implant. This helps you communicate about novel treatments and innovative practices in a clear and exact manner.


Our cardiology translations blend linguistic expertise with technical knowledge. We can
carefully adapt information to patients learning cardiovascular diseases – or to healthcare professionals researching interventional cardiology or the placement of, say, a cardiac stimulator or defibrillator.

pro re nata – your partners for multilingual healthcare

At pro re nata, you are not just another anonymous client.
We love nothing more than getting to know you, your world, and your preferences, and how best to meet your needs and expectations.

Here you will find none of the bureaucracy of the big translation agencies. Our team delivers effective, tailored solutions to manage and coordinate your medical translations from English to French and between other languages on request.

Our 5-step healthcare translation service

Our 5-step process gives you total peace of mind while ensuring that our work is unparalleled in its accuracy and quality.


An initial meeting to understand your project, the goal of your translation, as well as any style guide, glossary, or other reference documents that you require.


You receive your personalized quotation within 24 hours.

Translation and research

One of the translators begins the translation by carrying out in-depth research, noting her sources as she goes.

Revision and approval

The second translator reviews the translation with a fresh pair of eyes, checks that it reflects the original text, and flags issues with the first translator.


Once all issues have been resolved, the first translator confirms the changes and delivers to the client.

To make sure that the style and terminology are all they can be, we always recommend a final check once the final document has been formatted.

The human touch for your medical translations

At pro re nata, human expertise comes first so that our healthcare translations are exactly right, avoiding the risk of serious medical repercussions.
To keep terminology consistent and maintain your documents confidential, we use professional software that is fully reliable and secure.

In other words, our translations are the perfect combination of human expertise, technology, and close collaboration with our clients.

We revise our healthcare translations twice for optimal quality

As stipulated in the translation standard ISO 17100, we revise our translations twice.
We also have a network of experts in various medical specialties who can confirm our
translation choices if necessary.

This helps us make sure that our medical translations are exactly what you are looking for.


Through our attention to style and terminology, we adapt your message to the culture and language of your readers, all while conveying the nuances and tone of voice of the original document so that your message shines through – be it in French or in any other language.


Being exact is the cornerstone of our healthcare translation services. We don’t just transfer words from one language to another. We communicate facts and data – and we do so with the utmost care. Each data item and figure are checked and meticulously transposed. This ensures that our translation adheres to the original text and to the regulations in the country that you are targeting.


Terminological accuracy is crucial in medical translation, a principle we adhere to with surgical precision. The terms we choose not only convey each concept accurately, but only leave room for one interpretation – the right one. This is how we guarantee that your text speaks the language of medicine, of your specialty, and of your reader.